The Insurance You Need for Your Life
Insurance is a fact of everyday life. If you want to own a car, a home, or a business, or simply want to protect your family’s health, you have to deal with insurance. It often seems like an overwhelming and confusing process, as well as an expensive one, but it doesn’t have to be. This site provides you not only with the ability to compare quotes, but also with the information you need to make the process easier.
Auto Insurance
Not only does law require auto insurance, but it also protects you in a variety of ways in the event of an accident. While it’s comforting to know that you are covered should someone else hit your car and damage it, it’s also important to be covered in the event that you cause an accident and damage someone else’s car or person. Auto insurance also protects you if an uninsured driver hits your car or if your car is damaged by other things, such as vandalism.
Home Insurance
When you buy a home, it’s important to protect your new investment: both the house itself and the property in it. Home insurance covers your house and property in case it is damaged by a variety of natural disasters, unforeseen accidents, vandalism or theft. Understanding what is and isn’t covered by various home insurance policies will help you pick the appropriate coverage for your home.
Health Insurance
Having health insurance for you and your family is always a top priority. With so many health plans out there and the costs of health coverage rising every day, it can be difficult to know where to start. Knowing your family’s needs and educating yourself about what kinds of health insurance are available will get you on the right path to the appropriate coverage for you.
Life Insurance
While health insurance covers your medical expenses should you fall ill, life insurance protects your family in the event of your death. Though it’s not something people like to think about, considering the options available to you can help your family financially in the future. Understanding the differences between term, whole, variable, universal, and universal variable life insurance will lead you to the right decision.
Disability Insurance
Disabilities can vary in type and severity, but the end result on your ability to make a living is the same: When you become critically ill or seriously injured, your income stops. More and more people recognize the need for individual disability insurance as a sound investment in their future and the security of their families.  
Long Term Care
The average United States citizen is living longer because of advancement in medicine, so there is now a much higher chance that a person will need long term care insurance to provide assistance because of cognitive illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia or degenerative diseases like Diabetes, Stoke, Heart problems, Cancer, and Parkinson’s Disease at some point in their lives.

Long Term Care is a service provided in a facility such as a nursing home - Assisted Living Facility or home health care when the nurse or aid will actual come into the person’s home a give care.  Long Term Care is typically not skilled care but custodial which is help with every day activities of  daily living (ADL’s) such as eating, bathing, dressing, transferring, toileting, and maintain continence.  If you have Long Term Care Insurance most or all of your LTC costs can be paid, depending on which policy you buy.